Art has become a slogan and abstract commercial enterprise. Nothing wrong with the art business and the business of art. However, more often then not, contemporary abstract art has become a gateway for untalented artists to pretend that they are elevating and exploring the human experience. Artists who usually dabble in abstract art today are […]


This painting is a memoir of an Eastern European painter exploring and reflecting on California. The memoir is a off course a visual snapshot of sorts, as well as an intellectual and aesthetical vision of the bay area. Coming from a former communist country what strikes me here is the extraordinary light, sun, color, warmth, […]


  Wanted to give you heads up that after 3 years of legal battles in Europe, I regained ownership of 17 paintings. In this short blog post I wanted to share with you their story and why these paintings are important and why you should consider becoming a collector. The 17 paintings are part of […]

CLUB – the American concept

One of the amazing things about California is lighting and nature. This is one of the reasons that artists flock to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Too create good art you need excellent lighting and great visual. A place that I discovered for lighting, color and landscapes in California is Half Moon Bay, a beautiful […]

BOLD – why does this painting matter?

The idea for my new painting came to me after a bird show in Poland that I was invited to by Leon Tarasewicz a few months ago. Leon was my professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and a renowned collector of poultry. During the show I discovered the beauty, color, characters and […]