BOLD – why does this painting matter?

The idea for my new painting came to me after a bird show in Poland that I was invited to by Leon Tarasewicz a few months ago. Leon was my professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and a renowned collector of poultry.

During the show I discovered the beauty, color, characters and complexity of these underappreciated birds. The idea further sizzled when I thought about my childhood, when my father read to me a Polish children’s poem called “Bird Radio”. The birds in the poem had various personalities, voices and competed for the air time.

Chickens are fascinating. especially for a person who loves color like myself. For the non-expert it seems that just chickens look the same. But as I learned from Leon at the show they are many different types of chickens that exemplify chicken beauty. I started to research hens and discovered that not only chickens are colorful but the life of Polish farmers. Unfortunately communism took the color away and you have to also rediscover the beauty of Polish folk culture. The lettering on the painting is based on traditional folk patterns that I found at a flea market in Warsaw. I loved the colors and they reminded me of Peruvian fabrics and pants of the Swiss Guard at the Vatican.

Why does this painting matter? Well I wanted to show you that you can take something banal and simple from nature or tradition (forgotten or under appreciated) and transform its particularity into a universal image that has meaning to people around the world.  That is why the lettering BOLD. You have to be bold with who you are and where you are coming from. Embracing the color, warmth, complexity and beauty of every day life.

Chickens don’t realize they are different they are just together on the farm. There is no black or white chicken. They are all just chickens co-existing. They all get along more or less. Sometimes they have cock-fights but overall just hang out. Their simplicity of being contrasts with their feathers that are patchwork provided by nature. You have spots, strains, strips, streaks, splashes, dots. You can easily miss this. Nature provides the best inspiration and city dwellers can miss out on this.

Bold is also about my experience of America and California. America has so much color and splendid nature. Everyday I feel inspired by what I see out side. I am also inspired by the people who I meet in San Francisco who are like colorful birds. Black, white, red, yellow, small, big, etc. People in California co-exist in their colors even if they have their differences.

Bold is also about being a woman in America. Being a bold chick to use the popular phrase. You fill the lines here.