Art has become a slogan and abstract commercial enterprise. Nothing wrong with the art business and the business of art. However, more often then not, contemporary abstract art has become a gateway for untalented artists to pretend that they are elevating and exploring the human experience. Artists who usually dabble in abstract art today are playing it safe and fast. There are no feelings or existential struggles of Jackson Pollock or emotional trauma after World War II in their paintings. The only goal of abstract artists is to create an art piece that will fit into an interior using opposite colors or complementing a space with a toned down palate. The abstract color choice is also abstract and meaningless. The contemporary abstract painting itself is banal because it pretends to show something but fails to show anything. In other words the whole world is a fraud, including the art world. We need to change this new world order.


In order to humanize contemporary art we need to give a spiritual meaning to ordinary objects and add meaning. You can observe this trend in society already. Modern day objects are covered in gold and packaged in a sly way to make us want them. Cars, watches, phones and handbags have become semi religious relics. People literally go bananas for these ordinary subjects and they worship whatever the priests of commerce give them.


Contemporary art has become superficial and glossy. Art is judged only by its branding power and power to attract. Emotions and feelings are not important in art anymore. For example Louis Vuitton iPhone case is still a case, but has been elevated through branding into an artistic object. But this false idolatry is a function for the hunger for the real that artists can tap into. This opens up the question of what is art? Can art be anything? Is art everywhere? Are we willing to reflect on art? Can art be just a banana? Is a banana enough or does it need to be covered in gold to grab our attention.


In the process of commercialization of the abstract, art has become mostly aspirational and banal. You buy only because of the name of an artist. It is not about quality or meaning. Because of the abstract movement has been detached also from the author’s comments and feelings. For example Warhol painted Campbell’s soup, because it had childhood meaning for him, not because he wanted to paint Campbell’s soup. Context elevates and abstraction destroys. But context and the search for meaning are elitist and require education or some sort of sophistication, which cannot be bought or commoditized. Elevating something simple can turn the simple into art. That is why a banana should be golden. It should not be the way we see it, but the way it should be. The true artist can transform anything into something with his Midas touch.


Modern abstract art is extremely serious. I hope a collector who has perspective and can laugh at contemporary art that I am describing, will appreciate my new painting. I am not faking this painting for a collector, but showing how art should find a balance between commercial and abstract. Abstract art can sell well and be commercial, but collecting painting requires taste and appreciation of history and what is going on in the world.