Wanted to give you heads up that after 3 years of legal battles in Europe, I regained ownership of 17 paintings. In this short blog post I wanted to share with you their story and why these paintings are important and why you should consider becoming a collector.

The 17 paintings are part of my diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2011) and the first commercial paintings after I got out of school. Immediately I was approached about a solo show in a Parisian gallery by its Polish co-owner. In the end the show was not organized and the paintings were in warehouse for the last three years. The paintings were also not exhibited publicly or available for purchase.

The ongoing legal battle has established a market value, which is very hard to do for an emerging artist or an artist in mid career. You usually hear about lawsuits, legal disputes when you hit the big show. It turns out that the big show came early to me.  As with all art, paintings are an illiquid asset with a hard to pin point value. During the course of the case, we were able to demonstrate high value and the opposing party  did not want to give back my artwork without an expensive legal fight. The legal fight was intense with legal papers being served in Paris and Warsaw and with potential for a spill over to the USA.

Although the paintings have been in storage they have not lost their color, joy and freshness that are hallmarks of my oeuvre.  The subject matter and technical progress of my art work is amazing. I feel very fortunate to be able to have the work back at this crucial moment when I am adding new collectors worldwide each month. Paradoxically the paintings have also gained a vintage and a price differentiator.  They were not on the market and have been a missing piece in my catalog. Many of you have asked about them and I was not able to offer them to you.  After three years of legal action I have to say that the vintage is great and was worth the fight. The paintings have a unique story and are only for special collectors that can appreciate their value and meaning for me.

The paintings are very self-referential and personal to me. The lawsuit cost me time, money and personal pain. I had to deal with personal demons and demons that the lawsuit caused.

The paintings will most likely be part of my LA and San Francisco show in the next months that I am putting together. However, if you want to ping me about one of them feel free to reach out to me.